Should you join clubs and societies at medical school?

A big welcome to our guest blogger Eleanor Trezise.

Eleanor is a Graduate Entry Medicine student at St Georges Hospital in London.

Eleanor scored in the top 12% in GAMSAT, and this inspired her to launch her own website with the intention of advertising tutoring services and supporting other GAMSAT takers (link at end of blog).  As the site evolved, it has become an important and useful platform for sharing advice and providing resources for everything from completing applications and interview help to study tips and making the most of your time at medical school.  

Some believe the smartest thing to do at medical school is to put your head down and do nothing but study 24/7 in the hope of consistently hitting that top decile. But for many people, it’s not. Hear me out…

The experiences, connections and other benefits you can get from extracurriculars could be invaluable in your future – as well as in the present.

In this blog...

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Starting University in 2020 - Your Time to Shine

Hi,  I’m Susan Alexander, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Founder of the Funky Professor

Autumn 2020 signals the start of a new academic year and for some of you it may even be the start of a brand new course and if that is you then firstly I’d like to say a massive congratulations for Getting onto your course  It is a fantastic achievement - you are about to start such an exciting phase of your life.

 For me this year will be 30 years since I started medical school – 30 years – 3 decades – it sounds like such a long time ago and I may seem really ancient to a lot of you, but I do remember that starting university was a very exciting time, but I was also nervous and anxious as I did not know anyone and I was moving to a new City where everything was strange.

 I know that a lot of you will be going through some of those thoughts right now as you prepare to leave home.  Starting university at the best of times can cause and...

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