2021 Let's Go....LIVE!

2021 - Let’s Go!!

Well that was an incredible start to 2021….. This week has been a dream come true for us as we went LIVE and finally got to meet some of you.

We did our first live tutorial with Prof Vishy, on Zoom last Thursday. We kicked off with the sound track ‘Let’s Go’ by Usher and Calvin Harris, and after the typical technical issues , (which some of you were able to help us resolve – thank you!)  Prof Vishy delivered a phenomenal lecture on the Mediastinum. It was great to see him back in his tie and braces and once we got the first slide working – he was off and on a roll. I was reminded of what a fantastic teacher he is and how he can make the most complex of areas, so easy to understand.

Today I did our first Live YouTube and Instagram ‘Anatomy Clinic’ where I answered some of the questions that had been asked by students earlier this week. This is a totally new format for on-line teaching and it was great to...

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Create Your Environment for Success

Did you know that sometimes you sabotage your chances of success in developing a new habit before you have even started it?

But did you also realise that you can accelerate your chances of reaching your goals by making some simple small changes?

The environment you create for yourself can make all the difference between success and failure.

Let me give you an example. If you are trying to lose weight, but every day you have a habit of buying a cake or doughnut on your way home, this will not help you lose weight.   You know that you need to stop buying that doughnut because you are not stupid. But if you keep passing that same shop on the way home, your brain will automatically send you signals as you near the shop that you need to go in the shop and you need to buy a snack because it will taste sooo good and make you feel sooo much better – which to be fair it does… for a minute or two, but then you spend the next hour beating yourself up about giving in to...

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Start a habit

Start a Habit

A habit is a behaviour that you have repeated so many times that it becomes automatic. 

Habits can be actions such as brushing your teeth. There are several complex steps involved in this activity that you probably have not thought about in several years. In order to brush your teeth, you need a toothbrush and you need toothpaste. You then apply the toothpaste to the toothbrush and then you need to put the brush on your teeth and move your hand up and down so that the toothbrush actually cleans your teeth. This is an action that you have repeated so many times that you do not even need to think about each individual step, your brain knows what to do and it  just happens automatically. (which is probably a good thing because if you are anything like me, you will still be half asleep when you brush your teeth ) 

But habits can also be thoughts. For example the decision to brush your teeth in the first place is not one you think about – you just do it...

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Be Your Own Cheerleader

Be Your Own Cheerleader

So much of your success in life is determined by the attitude you bring to the task in hand. This applies to anything you do from something small like washing dirty dishes, to monumental tasks like winning an election. Not everyone will be running for president, so let’s go back to the dishes - if you look at the pile of dirty dishes and think – I hate this job, its such a waste of time, I could be doing something more fun, then the job will suck. If, however you think to yourself, I need to wash the dishes because its nice to have a clean kitchen and if I just get on and do it quickly, then I can forget about it and do something more fun instead. Whilst I am doing the dishes I can also listen to a podcast and learn something new, or I can listen to some music that I like, which will put me in a good mood. This way the task will not seem onerous at all and you may even enjoy it.

When it comes to studying the same principles apply. If you look at...

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