Orthopaedic Surgeons - Strong as an Ox but half as Smart

‘Strong as an ox and half as smart’ was a classic line that was used by medical professionals to describe orthopaedic surgeons. When I went to medical school there was a generalised attitude that orthopaedic surgeons had to be very strong to operate on bones, but that they were not that clever. They were also not considered to be that sensitive to emotions and feelings, and that in some way talking about this was ‘weak’. Incidentally that does not mean that they didn't care, but just that it would be considered strange for them to share their own feelings.

 When I started training, the typical image of an orthopaedic surgeon would be a big, tall, well-built man, who went to the ‘correct school’, played rugby, talked loudly (often about themselves), laughed even louder, drank copious amounts of beer, and wore beige chinos and a blue blazer with brass buttons. Please be reassured that if you happen to fit this description, I do not have...

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