2021 Let's Go....LIVE!

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2021 - Let’s Go!!

Well that was an incredible start to 2021….. This week has been a dream come true for us as we went LIVE and finally got to meet some of you.

We did our first live tutorial with Prof Vishy, on Zoom last Thursday. We kicked off with the sound track ‘Let’s Go’ by Usher and Calvin Harris, and after the typical technical issues 🙄, (which some of you were able to help us resolve – thank you!)  Prof Vishy delivered a phenomenal lecture on the Mediastinum. It was great to see him back in his tie and braces and once we got the first slide working – he was off and on a roll. I was reminded of what a fantastic teacher he is and how he can make the most complex of areas, so easy to understand.

Today I did our first Live YouTube and Instagram ‘Anatomy Clinic’ where I answered some of the questions that had been asked by students earlier this week. This is a totally new format for on-line teaching and it was great to have some interaction with you. We will be trying to do more live sessions to try and support as many of you as possible during Covid. So please direct message me with questions on Instagram and I will try and get through more topics that you find tricky and help you find ways to make it easier to understand and remember anatomy.

 As well as teaching anatomy, I feel it is important to give you some guidance on how to be successful and in this blog I wanted to give some clear action steps that will totally change your mindset towards your studies. Once you change your mindset, you will find it easier to study and pass your exams. This really does work so read on!


Action Steps for Success

Many students think that studying anatomy is hard, but like so many things in life this comes down to motivation. It is so important for you to take action at the start of 2021 and set yourself up for success, so here is some homework for you. This will take less than 5 minutes.

3 Simple Questions

  1. Think about why you are studying your course.
  2. Think about who you will become after the course
  3. Think about who you will help after your course



 Don’t just think ‘I want to be a nurse’ or ‘I want to be a doctor’ – get much more specific about it. What type of healthcare worker do you want to become – what speciality will you choose, for example will you do anaesthetics in a rural hospital, or will you do emergency medicine in  a busy city hospital or will you work in a neonatal specialist unit, or will you specialise in addiction treatment or will you do family medicine in a refugee camp or laparoscopic surgery in a teaching hospital or work for a national sports team or provide end of life care for cancer patients. The choices are endless. You do not know for certain where life is going to take you, but if you have a vision of what you think it may be like, and you visualise it, then it will start to become more real. Your mind will start to guide you towards that dream and your motivation will automatically build up.


When you have a sense of who you want to become, this will start to become part of your identity. So now try and imagine what that will actually look like in the future. Be specific about the type of clothes you will wear to do your job, will you be in a suit, in a uniform or scrubs? What sort of building or surroundings will you work in, what equipment will you use, which other people will you be working with. Close your eyes and really imagine of this in great detail. Imagine your hands doing the tasks that you will need to do for the job you are about to do, for example if you want to do surgery, imagine washing your hands and scrubbing up before an operation. If you want to do physiotherapy, imagine that you are using the equipment to help people rehab.


The final question is the most important one to get you motivated. Think about who you are going to help. Imagine the faces and expressions as they look at you. If you are going to do radiology or obstetrics, imagine the look of the parents as they see their baby for the first time, or if you are going to work in elite sports, imagine your player being injured in a massive stadium and it is down to you to get them back on the pitch to win the world cup, or if you work in rehab medicine imagine helping your patient take their first steps after a spinal injury. If you find this difficult then use the internet and search for these scenarios so that you get a picture in your head for your brain to start to see them and they become imprinted in your subconscious. Your mind can not determine truth from fiction, so if you fill your mind with these thoughts, your mind will start to believe that this is who you are and this is your identity and you will start to move towards achieving that goal. Once you imagine the people you will be able to help, suddenly this course becomes so much bigger than just you. You have an important role to play in the future, and this will motivate you to push through the tough times


1. why you want to do it

2. who do you want to become

3. who you want to help.

Spend a few minutes at the start of your day to visualise it and this will start to become your reality and you will naturally want to do what you can to achieve that goal.

 Finally I want to thank you for showing up to our live events this week.

 We have been making anatomy videos for over 10 years and imagining what you might look like and what you might need and what we can do to help you study and pass your exams, but this has all been in our imagination, so to actually see some of you and interact with you was amazing. We would like to offer you more tutorials in the future, so please send us your requests, share this with your friends and I hope to see you soon.

 Wherever you are – Stay Safe and Stay Funky!