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Professor Vishy Mahadevan


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The human brain processes images 60,000 times quicker that words


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Repetition does not have to be boring...

The human body is not a multi-colour diagram, so we use real human cadavers to bring you a 'true to life' experience to enhance your understanding of Anatomy

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'Tremendous! This is just what my poor beleaguered students need as they revise for their summer exams. Their dissection of the abdomen was prevented by the Covid 19 crisis and this video is spot on for getting them to appreciate the layout of the abdomen in overview.'
Stephen Hughes, Senior Lecturer, A.R.U.

'Just to say how useful and entertaining these have been.
I have used them to refresh my knowledge and keep finding new  aspects to my anatomy knowledge  in areas outside my clinical base. 
A most enjoyable way to put fun into Anatomy.'

Andrew Montgomery, MS FRCS

'Anatomy is poetry with The Funky Professor! Anatomy was always a nightmare for me but then I found Prof Vishy who patiently and eloquently explains everything and makes the concepts clear. Very fast & effective'

Mati Ur Rahman, 2nd year, MBBS

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Also suitable for post-graduate trainee surgeons

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You are on an incredible Life-changing Journey towards becoming a Healthcare Hero


In 2020 the COVID pandemic showed us that the true heros of our generation are the healthcare workers who have dedicated their lives to the service of others. 

You are joining a legacy of exceptional people and your talents will transform the lives of thousands

Your future patients need you at your best

Our Mojo

To inspire you to enjoy learning anatomy and build your confidence.

To save hours of study time by telling you exactly what you need to know.

Our Focus

Functional Anatomy so that you immediately see the relevance of what you are learning but also appreciate the beauty and wonder of the human body.

Our Motivation

The thought of what you will do with the knowledge we share with you, the life you will lead, your career and the people you will help.

Our Mission

To make Fun the Key to learning human anatomy.

We are confident that with us you will achieve your goals and enjoy the journey!

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